60 Days of Halloween continued this morning with a YouTube documentary – Scream: Halloween Special (Ghost Documentary) – Real Stories. The documentary looked at a collection of supernatural stories from around the world and ran for just under 50 minutes in length (see below).

So, why did I pick this for today’s choice?

Well, I really like documentaries and I’m always interested in ghost stories – even if I don’t believe in ghosts.

Full disclosure: While I have an interest in horror and I do get scared at ghost stories, I don’t actually believe in ghosts. I want to believe, but until I have firm proof of such things then I view all ghost stories as just that – a story and nothing more.

So, if I don’t believe in ghosts, why do I get scared over ghost stories?

Well, it’s simple really – most ghost stories (film, TV, real life), play up certain tropes that we have all come to associate with ghosts (noises, lighting, situations etc). As such, when we see/hear these tropes we automatically feel scared, regardless of whether we believe or not.

And who doesn’t like to get scared?

Anyway, should you want to watch the documentary here it is for you to watch…