Day 26 of 60 Days of Halloween and I kicked off the morning with the (very) low budget horror movie, Pool Party Massacre (2017).

The film – directed by Drew Marvick – is about… er… a pool party… and er… a massacre. Although, I’m not sure you can class it as a party when there’s only six people at the shindig.

Anyway, this film wasn’t great. There’s low budget and then there’s just no budget.

I can see what Marvick was going for, but the limitations of the budget were clear and as a result the material fell flat. It’s a shame, because there was some fun in the script, but it just didn’t translate on screen, mostly because the acting was appalling throughout and felt like it had been lifted from a bad porno (or so I’ve been led to believe).

There were a few attempts to give the film an ’80s-vibe (the music, an 8-bit-style intro, the title of the movie etc) but these things all felt like minor additions to make the film seem retro. Perhaps if the film had been set during the 1980s then it might have worked better.

The highlight? Towards the end, Marvick turned up and acted everyone else off the screen.

Should you want to watch this movie for yourself, it is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Personally, I’d suggest giving it a miss.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…