60 Days of Halloween continued this morning with an episode of the horror anthology show, Lore. For those unfamiliar with Lore, the series – based on the podcast of the same name – tells the origins of classic horror stories via documentary footage and reenactments.

Prior to this morning’s viewing, I had listened to an episode of the Lore podcast but I had not seen a single episode of the TV show. So, for my first flutter with Lore I opted to pick the sixth episode, Unboxed, which tells the story of Robert – a seemingly haunted doll.

I plumped for this episode for two reasons:

  • Stories about haunted/possessed dolls are always creepy to watch.
  • Whether I believe the story or not, Robert is a real doll (he’s on exhibit at the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida) and as such, the story surrounding this subject fascinates me.

So, how did I find Lore?

I’d say it treated me very well.

I really enjoyed the episode and am now interested to watch the rest of the series. I doubt I will have time to slot any more in while I’m working my way through 60 Days of Halloween, but I will most certainly pick it back up in November.

Should you want to watch this episode of Lore, or any episode from Season One of Lore you can find them all on Amazon Prime Video. Season Two of Lore arrives on Amazon on October 19th 2018.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…