Yesterday, for 60 Days of Halloween, I watched a Christmas-themed double-bill of Black Christmas (1974) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Today, I’ve continued the Christmas theme with the 2015 festive horror, Krampus.

Directed by Michael Dougherty and filled with a healthy dose of black comedy, Krampus is a Christmas horror film based around the Krampus character from Austro-Bavarian folklore. Part Gremlins (1984), part Home Alone (1990), the film is a deliciously dark tale which serves up a fair few chills.

You know, people often forget that Christmas is a great time for horror stories, because everyone is all happy and excited for Christmas Day, but the truth is this is the perfect time for a few scares. Why? Because it’s a point in time when we all let our guard down and that’s when the ghosts and ghouls are given a prime opportunity to strike!

This is my second viewing of Krampus – the first time I watched it was back during Christmas 2015. I’d forgotten just how good this movie is and just how much it uses the festive season to develop the horror.

If you’ve never seen Krampus, give it a whirl. Or better yet, save it for December and watch it along with all of the other festive favourites.

Anyway, 60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow….