Day 13 of 60 Days of Halloween and it was back to comics this morning for a six-issue read through of the Dark Horse/Dynamite Entertainment comic, Aliens/Vampirella (2015-2016).

While I’m very familiar with Aliens (both in film and comics), I’m not so familiar with Vampirella. I’m aware of Vampirella as a character, but I’ve never read any stories featuring her. Well, that was until this morning when I dived into this book.

Any good?

I suppose that depends on how much you like the idea of seeing these two properties team-up. I’ve read many Aliens comics and I can’t say this one differed from the tried and tested formula: Space ship crash lands on a planet infested with Xenomorphs. The ship’s crew get picked off, only a few people survive.

The good thing about this book was that I learnt a couple of things about Vampirella. Plus, the artwork by Javier Garcia-Miranda was pretty neat too.

Aliens/Vampirella was OK – not bad, just not particularly memorable.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings as 60 Days of Halloween continues…