File this one under ‘rumour’ for now, but there’s a story circulating that Henry Cavill has been dropped from the role of Superman in Warner Bros.’ ongoing series of DC movies.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill was unable to cameo in the forthcoming Shazam! movie, due to a scheduling conflict, and now it’s looking likely he won’t feature in any future films either.

The studio is reportedly looking to create films around Supergirl instead of Superman and as a result the Man of Steel is being phased out for a while. No Superman movies + no Cavill cameos means it’s looking like the actor will no longer be required.

There’s no official confirmation on this story, so take it with a pinch of salt. That said, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this news turned out to be true – Warner Bros.’ DC movies have been spotty at best and the studio’s handling of Cavill as Superman has been a mess.

For my money, Cavill is a great Superman who has been lumbered with less-than-stellar material. If Warner Bros. has let the actor go, it’s the studio’s loss as he was one of the good inclusions in the DC movies and his role could have easily been salvaged.

Add this news to the constant reports that Ben Affleck is soon set to hang up the Bat-cape and it looks like a BIG shake-up is on the horizon. Does anyone else think a reset is on the cards?

Ah well, I guess we will see in the fullness of time.