Day 11 of 60 Days of Halloween and tonight’s movie choice was Chopping Mall (1986)! Directed by Jim Wynorski, Chopping Mall follows a group of young adults, trapped in a mall and hunted by malfunctioning security robots.

Yep, you read that correctly, “hunted by malfunctioning security robots”. Three robots in total and they spend the majority of the movie trying to kill off the core cast of characters.

Chopping Mall

Prior to watching this movie, I knew nothing about Chopping Mall. I picked this film purely because of the title and if I’m being honest, I expected it to be awful. I can confirm that Chopping Mall is not awful – in fact, I loved it!

The premise is daft, the budget is low and the robots look a bit ropey, but man, this was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Plus, Dick Miller makes a cameo!

Dick Miller!

The highlight of the movie?

Well, apart from the classic line – “it’s not you, Ferdy. I guess I’m just not used to being chased around a mall in the middle of the night by killer robots” – the highlight had to be a rather surprising (and shocking) death scene that took place around 33 minutes into the movie. I did not expect that!

Overall, Chopping Mall turned out to be a great little horror movie. Plus, as it clocks in at just over 1hr 15 minutes, it doesn’t wear our its welcome!


Should you want to check out Chopping Mall for yourself (and you should) head on over to Amazon Prime Video where it is currently available to stream.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…