Iconic video rental chain, Blockbuster is being resurrected (kind of) and by the unlikeliest of heroes – Deadpool!

To celebrate the release of Deadpool 2 – which arrived on digital yesterday – 20th Century Fox is setting up a pop-up Blockbuster store to give away (yep, give away) 1,989 copies of the movie. The number of copies relates to the year Blockbuster first opened in London – 1989 – and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

According to Time Out, the Blockbuster pop-up store will be set up at 133 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch on Monday 17th September for two days, to give away a limited-edition VHS case containing a download code for the film. In order to receive a copy of this VHS you need to a.) have an old Blockbuster card or b.) be willing to take part in an X-Force-style audition.

Simple, right?

You know what to do.