Day 10 of 60 Days of Halloween and today’s slice of horror arrived in the form of the Spanish language ghost story, The Orphanage (2007). Directed by J. A. Bayona, The Orphange is an atmospheric horror movie about a mother and her adopted son.

I’ve had The Orphanage in my possession since last Halloween, when I picked up the Blu-ray rather cheaply from Fopp. The plan was to watch the film as part of last year’s Halloween marathon, but alas, it didn’t happen.

For a year I’ve kept The Orphanage to one side, knowing that this year I’d make a point of watching it early into my Halloween-a-thon. I have to say, while I’m only ten days into 60 Days of Halloween, The Orphanage is easily the best movie I’ve watched so far and has set the bar very high.

Creepy, touching and beautifully directed, The Orphanage proved to be both a trick and a treat. Perfect viewing for Halloween 2018, The Orphanage is marvellous and highly recommended.