Good morning boils and ghouls, it’s day nine of 60 Days of Halloween!

For this morning’s haunt… I mean, jaunt into horror I delved into that television classic of yesteryear, Tales From The Crypt. The gruesome anthology series is one of my go-to shows every Halloween, as it offers me some bite-sized horror when I’m pressed for time.

For those who have never watched a single episode of Tales From The Crypt, then know this: Tales From The Crypt is an iconic horror series which ran from 1989 until 1995. Each week, the show served up a macabre tale, usually with the help of some pretty big names from the world of TV and film.

Have I watched every episode? Nope – instead I watch a bunch of episodes every year, usually opting for stories I’ve yet to see. This ensures that the show remains a real treat during this time of the year and something I look forward to catching up with.

The episode I chose this morning was from the show’s sixth season and was called, You, Murderer (1995). The episode boasted a pretty impressive cast, which included John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Humphrey Bogart – an actor who died 38 years prior to the episode being shot.

Utilising digital wizardry, You, Murderer recreated Bogart for the small screen so he could become the main character of the story. Nowadays this kind of thing isn’t uncommon, but back in 1995 this was pretty much unheard of.

Should you want to watch You, Murderer, then you can check out the episode in full on YouTube. You’ll also find a number of other episodes of Tales From The Crypt on YouTube, should you want to revisit this horror staple.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…