Day 8 of 60 Days of Halloween and it’s been another double-bill of horror today, with ‘monsters’ as the theme. The first subject focused on monsters of the more traditional variety, while the second looked at humans as monsters.

Monsters (2010)

First up, during the early hours of this morning I sat down to watch Gareth Edward’s Monsters (2010) – a film that I’d never watched before. I’d heard good things about the movie, so felt like today was the right day to finally give it a watch.

For those that have never seen Monsters, the film looks at what life would be like if alien lifeforms were on Earth and certain areas were designated as no-go zones. While the movie is light on monsters (very light), the premise is solid and it’s well directed so it’s a good film if you fancy it.

The Wicker Man – The Final Cut

Movie number two, which I watched this afternoon, was The Wicker Man – The Final Cut (1973). I recently upgraded my Wicker Man DVD to a digital HD copy, but until today I had not had the chance to watch it, so today’s viewing was about a month overdue.

I’ve watched The Wicker Man numerous times before, but it never fails to entertain me. The ending is horror in its purest form.

For those interested, Monsters is currently available to stream on Netflix. The Wicker Man – The Final Cut is available to buy on Amazon Video.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…