Good morning – and what a morning it is, for I’ve kick-started this Wednesday with a comic book classic from the archives – Action Comics Annual #1!

Why have I read this particular comic for 60 Days of Halloween? Why, because the story sees Batman and Superman take on a vampire of course!

Superman Batman vampire

Image: Β©DC Comics

For today’s jaunt into horror I opted for a bit of reading with an old story that I’ve read a number of times before. In this tale, Batman investigates strange goings on in a small town and when things don’t quite add up, he calls Superman in for back-up.

I first encountered this story many, many years ago, when it appeared in a UK comic which reprinted US stories. I remember it very well as I was quite young at the time and Skeeter, the vampire girl at the heart of this story, really creeped me out.

She still creeps me out.

Every once in a while I like to dive back into this story, possibly to imagine a reality where Batman & Superman are vampire hunters. I also like to dive back into this comic as part of the fun of doing Halloween marathons is to reconnect with material that has brought me one or two scares previously – and this certainly has.

60 Days of Halloween continues…