Remakes are all the rage these days and while there’s no specific desire to remake the 1987 thriller, Fatal Attraction, should the occasion ever arise (or had a sequel ever happened), actress Glenn Close has a great idea for another movie.

For those not familiar with Fatal Attraction, Close’s character, Alex Forrest engages in an affair with Michael Douglas’ character, Dan Gallagher. Throughout the course of the story, Forrest’s mental state deteriorates ending in tragedy.

Fatal Attraction is largely told from Gallagher’s perspective and not Forrest’s. So the film shows Forrest becoming unhinged, but doesn’t necessarily detail all of the reasons why she becomes so erratic.

Speaking on The Jess Cagle Interview about a different take on the story, Close said:

“I think it would be wonderful to write that kind of story from her point of view – that I think would be really interesting.”

Close’s suggestion would create a new spin on the tale and would offer up a better explanation of how Forrest ends up the way she does. That would have certainly been an interesting companion piece to the original movie.

Should Paramount Pictures ever want to reboot the movie, it’s not a bad idea either. I for one would watch that movie!

During the interview, Close also discussed details about the background to her character. She said:

“Things were hinted at about her father, we knew there was something strange going on there. The research I did with psychiatrists – even though they didn’t bring up a particular mental illness – we decided that she’d been incested at a very, very early age by her father, long enough to really damage her.”

She added: “Many, many people that has happened to end up taking their own lives and never being able to achieve fulfilling relationships. That was the woman I was playing.”