I’m all about the good news today.

Earlier I published a heads up that the latest issue of DC Nation is now available to download for FREE and now I’m letting you know that the final season of The X-Files has been added to Amazon Prime Video. So, if you’ve not seen the final ten episodes of The X-Files, and you’re a UK member of Amazon Prime, now you can give them a whirl at no extra cost!


Season 11 was released on Blu-ray and DVD only a week ago, so it has landed on Prime Video pretty damn quick. Isn’t that great?

Perhaps the best news of all, is that Prime Video now has EVERY EPISODE of The X-Files available to stream, running from Season One to 11. The two X-Files movies aren’t included (boo), but even so, 218 episodes of TV is enough to keep anyone busy.

So… what are you waiting for?