A little Wednesday afternoon ‘heads up’ and a final reminder for y’all (heck, I can’t keep doing this every month you know) – the third issue of DC Nation is now available…

…and it’s FREE!

Issue #3 of DC’s new insider magazine is available in print from your local comic shop or in a digital format via the likes of Comixology.

Filled with content about everything DC-related, DC Nation is a monthly publication designed to connect readers to the creators, as well as offer up all the latest news in the world of DC Comics. This month’s issue sees Brian Azzarello talk about Batman: Damned; Scott Snyder wax lyrical about the all-new Legion of Doom; and Neil Gaiman discuss The Sandman Universe.

DC Nation issue 3

Image: ©DC Entertainment/DC Comics

Should you want to download this month’s issue for FREE then head on over to Comixology and download away. And in case you missed the previous editions, you can also download those for FREE too.


Right, I think that’s enough plugging for DC Nation.