Directed by Peter Rida Michail and Aaron Horvath, Teen Titans GO! to the Movies is a big screen spin-off of animated TV series, Teen Titans GO!. The movie – which arrives in US cinemas this week (UK cinemas a week later) – promises all the fun of the TV series only with a lot of spoofing of the super hero genre.

Fans of the TV show will be pleased to know that the core cast reprise their roles for this new adventure, while the likes of Nicolas Cage and Will Arnett drop by to lend their voices to some iconic heroes. But is the movie any good?

Here’s what the critics have said:

  • Matt Singer of Screen Crush awarded Teen Titans GO! to the Movies a score of 7 (out of 10) and said: “Although Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is ostensibly about spoofing superheroes and their hoariest clichés, the film is loaded from top to bottom with loving Easter eggs from DC Comics history (The Challengers of the Unknown!). As a result, it’s actually a far more affectionate portrait of comic books — and a more persuasive argument in favour of their escapist pleasures — than any of the so-called “serious” DC movies.”
  • Scott Mendelson of Forbes, called Teen Titans GO! to the MoviesDeadpool for kids (but better)”. He added: “It’s mostly fun, my kids liked it and the final line is a grand troll.”
  • Owen Gleiberman of Variety said: “Teen Titans GO! is fun in a defiantly unsuper way, and that’s a recommendation.”
  • Robert Kojder of Flickering Myth was also a fan of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies and said: “It should be encouraged for adults to take their children to Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Like most good animated movies, there’s something in it for everyone.”
  • And finally, Laura Prudom of IGN called Teen Titans GO! to the Movies “pure, mindless fun.” She added: “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies is bonkers in the best way – a gleefully weird, frequently witty ride that has no desire to take itself – or any other superhero movie – too seriously. It’s not essential viewing unless you’re a fan of the TV series, but comic book fans will find plenty to appreciate, even if it’s not the most original take on the genre.”

So, there you go, pretty positive stuff! The general feeling is that Teen Titans GO! to the Movies is fun.

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