Good morning,

How are we all feeling?

Still pretty stoked about all of the news and stories that came out of San Diego Comic-Con, right?

Well, first let me say a big thank you to those who checked in with It’s A Stampede! over the past few days. I posted and posted and posted in what turned out to be a hectic weekend of news.

As a huge geek I couldn’t let this weekend’s event pass without sharing as many stories as I could find time to publish. As it happened, that turned out to be a LOT.

Hey, I’ve got to keep everyone abreast of all the latest development’s, right?

Just doing a quick headcount now and I think I published around 50 SDCC-related posts. At times it felt a little like a conveyor belt, so apologies for the short descriptions that accompanied some of the posts – specifically all of the trailer posts.

As always, the sheer amount of trailers that were served up over the course of the four-day event was pretty exhaustive

Which were your favourites?

For me, Shazam! and Godzilla: King of the Monsters were the two that stood out the most. Shazam! because the footage suggests this movie has a lighter touch than recent DC films and Godzilla: King of the Monsters because it looks freakin’ awesome!

The Aquaman trailer didn’t do a great deal for me if I’m being honest, but judging by the online response many people seem pretty happy about the look and feel of the movie – so that’s good. There was also a positive response to the Fantastic Beasts trailer and of course, the shock announcement of the Clone Wars revival seems to have pleased a lot of Star Wars fans.


Could the revival of a fan-favourite Star Wars show kill off the recent Star Wars backlash? Hmm… I’m not so sure, but it might.

Biggest surprise/shock of the weekend? Has to be the James Gunn news.

As discussed, the firing of James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has divided the internet and has caused a lot of conversation. I’m pretty certain a lot more is still to be said.


As for other news, well for me I think it was pretty much all of the great products coming out from DC Entertainment. From comics to movies and TV shows, DC has a lot of irons in the fire right now.

This year felt like DC’s year with news story after news story arriving with the DC name stamped all over it. Marvel Studios didn’t appear at SDCC this year (although Marvel Comics did), so it seemed that DC Entertainment took the opportunity to steal the show.

Well played.

So, was there anything that didn’t feature at SDCC that I would have liked to have seen?

Well, I half-expected a trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, so it was a shame that didn’t happen (not that anyone said it would) and I would have liked to have seen a Hellboy trailer too. But I suppose with all the trailers that were served up, there were more than enough going on to dazzle the senses.

After four days of non-stop information, it will now take a few days to digest everything that’s been announced. I’ve tried to cover as much news as possible – check out my day one/two and day three/four round-ups for more details – but there’s still so much left to catch-up on.

The great thing about SDCC is that the event is so accessible, whether you’re at the event or you’re watching from the sidelines everyone can get involved. And with so many companies streaming the content (Marvel, DC etc) there’s still hours and hours of content left to sift through.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on all the SDCC 2018 news. Normal service will resume shortly.

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