San Diego Comic-Con is still one day away, but that hasn’t stopped Marvel Entertainment from teasing some early X-Men-related news.

Taking to Instagram, Marvel Entertainment posted an ‘X’ symbol with the words ‘Fall 2018’. The image was accompanied by the caption: “Find out more at the #XMen Panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday at 11:15 AM PT in Room 5AB! #MarvelComics #MarvelSDCC.”


No further details have been released about this teaser, leading to speculation this could be connected to the X-Men movie universe – after all, the ‘X’ logo does look like something taken from an X-Men movie poster. However, the likelihood is that this is actually comic book related, indicated by the ‘Marvel Comics’ hashtag in the post, rather than a Marvel Studios hashtag.

Marvel has a big X-Men event on the horizon, in the shape of Extermination, as well as a new book called X-Men: Black, so there’s every chance this announcement will be connected. Either way, we’ll find out over the weekend.