Nine hundred and ninety-nine posts has led to this – the 1,000th post!

Less than six months since I launched It’s A Stampede!, here I am publishing the 1,000th post!


This demonstrates two things: a.) I have a lot to talk about and b.) I’ll post any old rubbish!

In all seriousness, the past 999 posts have been a lot of fun to publish and I’m glad that the blog has been so well received (so far). The only way is up.

When I launched It’s A Stampede! the aim was to present a whole heap of stories, news and general musings, on various geek-based subjects. Over the past few months I think it’s safe to say I’ve done that, with countless posts about TV, films, comics, toys and er… crisps.

So what’s next? Well, more of the same and then some!

The plan is to just keep on posting, keep on yakking and keep on serving up all kinds of geeky content. I hope you stick with me.

If you’re not already following It’s A Stampede!, then give the blog a follow. Bookmarking this blog is also a step in the right direction… to enriching your life.*

*This is not a guarantee.

Oh and don’t forget to share stories, comment on posts and tell your friends all about the blog. Let’s create something cool.

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