A change is coming…

In the latest issue of DC Nation – which you can download for free from Comixology – DC publisher Dan DiDio promises changes are on the horizon for the DC Universe. Recognising that the comics publisher needs to “push the universe’s boundaries”, he said:

“Right now we’re in a really interesting time in the comics business. There’s so much product out there and so much noise and so many hard choices for people to make, what books to buy. Comic, while still a cheap medium, have gotten more expensive. So people are more judicious about what they purchase.

“That’s why we’re bringing all the talent together soon to sit down and come up with a mission statement about what DC wants to be and what type of stories we want to tell, and challenging our team to think bigger, to think broader, to take more risks, but to stay true to the core of who the characters are.”

He added: “Expect to be shocked and surprised, because when we can do that, we know we can count on you to come back for more.”

Hmm… intriguing.

So, what do you think these changes will be and will these changes tie into the recently unveiled digital subscription service, DC Universe? More importantly, what would you like to see DC do differently? New characters? Cheaper comics? Less Batman? More Batman?

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