I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the UK is currently undergoing a shortage of crumpets.

Those buttery treats that you’ve come to enjoy at breakfast time (and probably teatime) are currently in short supply. You’ve been warned.

According to BBC News, Warbuton’s – the largest producer of crumpets – has stopped production at two of its four factories. The reason is due to a shortage of CO2 – an important component in packaging crumpets – which in turn is in short supply as UK and European producers close their facilities for maintenance.

A spokeswoman for Warburton’s said: “We’re probably running at about 50% of what we can normally make.”

ABOUT 50%!!!!

*Tries not to panic*

Things should get back on track soon… but you may want to make the most of the crumpets you have now. What I’m saying is, you never know when you might be eating your last crumpet, so treasure each moment.

In addition to a shortage of crumpets, the lack of CO2 has also caused a beer shortage and a pop shortage. I swear I’m not making this up!

Lettuce is also in short supply at the moment (nothing to do with CO2), but as lettuce is pretty crap, no one really cares.