A few moments ago I posted the first official trailer for DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe. I’ll be honest, I was not expecting the service to look THAT good.

For those who missed my earlier post, here’s the trailer…

Looks good, doesn’t it?

When I heard that DC Entertainment had plans to launch a streaming service I was intrigued but not all that excited. I kind of figured that the service would be a basic version of Netflix only with DC-themed content.

To my surprise, DC Universe is not going to be a watered down Netflix – it’s going to be so much more. DC Universe will incorporate various elements from all the popular websites and apps that already exist and give them a DC twist!

Want to be able to stream exclusive content like you can with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? Well, DC Universe will offer this.

Want a comic book reader like Comixology or Marvel Unlimited? Yep, DC Universe will do this too!

Shopping? Yeah, DC Universe will have a store front for exclusive merchandise.

Need info from Wikipedia? Uh huh, DC Entertainment hears you and brings you it’s own DC encyclopedia.

What about the social/social media side? Yeah, that’s covered too!

Talk about raising the bar!

Instead of replicating the Netflix formula, which is something various streaming services have already done, DC Entertainment is gearing up to present a whole bunch of stuff to get subscribers on board. And no doubt, other streaming services will be taking note!

Well done DC Entertainment – DC Universe looks great.

Of course, as with any good streaming service its success will come down to the price point and availability. Will the price be competitive in an already oversaturated streaming market? Will this service (and all this content) be available worldwide? We’ll have to wait and see, but right now I’m excited.

I may not be a huge fan of the current DCEU movies, but between everything that’s being offered here in terms of platforms, plus all the back catalogue of great DC shows & movies, this could be worth the money.