Avengers 4 is less than a year away but at present only a select few know its official title – and they ain’t sayin’ bupkis!

So when exactly will us mere mortals learn of the real title for Avengers 4? Not any time soon – so stop asking.

Marvel Studios’ big cheese, Kevin Feige, recently took part in an interview with Collider where he was asked about the title reveal. He had this to say:

“That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title. It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film.”

Captain Marvel

Image: Marvel Comics

So there you go – we won’t find out what Avengers 4 is officially called until much, much later in the year. Basically, Marvel Studios want to promote Captain Marvel first so that the movie doesn’t get overshadowed by the Avengers sequel, which makes perfect sense.

It’s also believed that the title for Avengers 4 is kind of a big spoiler, so leaving it as late as possible is probably wise because not everyone has seen Infinity War yet.

And now you know.

In related news (and in case you missed it), yesterday Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland revealed that the next Spidey movie will be called Spider-Man: Far From Home. This title ties into reports that the movie will largely take place outside of New York City.