Still buzzing about the recent Halloween trailer? Planning on watching all the previous Halloween movies between now and October?

Great stuff!

But what order do you watch them in? And which movies are connected and which aren’t?

The truth is, the Halloween movie series is quite confusing as very few films follow on from each other and those that do are kind of all over the place. So, for example, Halloween & Halloween II follow the same continuity, while Halloween III does not.

Halloween IV, V and The Curse of Michael Myers continue the story from Halloween II, but then Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection ignore and contradict the events of IV-VI.

Halloween ’07 & Halloween II ’09 are reboots of the series, so ignore everything that has come before, while Halloween ’18 is a direct sequel to Halloween ’78 and ignores every other movie in the series, be it original run or reboot.

Confusing, right?

Well, let’s clear things up a little.

Below is a guide to all the different viewing orders for the Halloween movies. There are multiple guides as there are multiple paths you could take with this series, depending on what continuity you want to follow.

Halloween 1978

Viewing Order One – Production order

The first viewing order is the order in which the movies were produced. This order is as follows: Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), Halloween: H20 (1998), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), Halloween (2007), Halloween II (2009) and Halloween (2018).

The benefit of this order is that you get to watch all the movies that have been produced. The downside (as noted above) is the fact that the series is all over the place, so watching the movies in this order will have you scratching your head.


Viewing Order Two – The Dr. Loomis order

If you choose this option then you are following the continuity which revolves around Dr. Sam Loomis – the character played by Donald Pleasence.

This order is as follows: Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) and Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

With this order, the story follows Loomis as he pursues Michael, from his encounters with his sister Laurie Strode in Halloween & Halloween II, to his involvement with niece, Jamie Lloyd and the introduction of the ‘Thorn’ plotline in movies IV to VI.

Halloween H20

Viewing Order Three – The Laurie Strode order

This third option focuses on Laurie Strode – a character played by Jamie Lee Curtis. This order is as follows: Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween: H20 (1998) and Halloween: Resurrection (2002).

This order ignores parts IV-VI because in those movies Laurie Strode is dead (killed off screen). It’s worth noting that Laurie Strode officially dies (on screen) in Halloween Resurrection, which puts a definitive end to her storyline and this particular viewing order.

Halloween 2007

Viewing Order Four – The Rob Zombie order

This option cuts out all of the movies except for two – those directed by Rob Zombie. The order is as follows: Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009).

If you follow this order then you’re getting a simplified version of the story, but you’re kind of missing out on some of the fun of the series. Plus, the Rob Zombie movies are… er… an acquired taste.

Halloween 2018

Viewing Order Five – The new order

This is the most recent order and once again factors in only two movies – the original and the newbie. The viewing order is as follows: Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2018).

This order ignores every movie that has taken place after Halloween ’78. So, if you choose this option, all you need do is watch the original movie and then go and see the new one – it’s that simple!

Halloween 3

Viewing Order Six – The odd one out order

And finally, should you want nothing to do with Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis, Jamie Lloyd or Michael Myers, then pick this option. The viewing order is simple, it’s just Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween III has nothing to do with the other movies and can be watched as a standalone horror film without any prior knowledge of the series. It’s also pretty damn good.

So, which order do you prefer? Do you like to watch all the movies in production order, or do you pick one of the other options? Sound off in the comments section below and share your thoughts.