Yesterday, DC Comics published the first issue of ongoing monthly magazine, DC Nation. The mag – which is FREE to download on Comixology – offers up interviews, discussions and previews all relating to the world of DC.

The 43-page publication is effectively a new way for DC to speak directly to readers, providing insights into new stories, as well as the inner workings of DC HQ. Whether it’s via a Q&A , a storyboard focus or simply through a faux comic strip, the magazine offers a direct link to the creative teams behind all the big books.

DC Nation cover

Image: ©DC Comics

As mentioned above, DC Nation is a free publication and can be yours simply by downloading it at no charge from Comixology. So as a freebie, this has got to be worth a download, right?

Hell yeah! But truth is, I’d actually pay for this magazine.

Over the last year or so I’ve kind of lost touch a little bit with DC, mostly because I’ve gravitated towards Marvel and more specifically, X-Men comics. I love DC, but I can only afford so many comics a month and Marvel is currently getting my cash.

A magazine like DC Nation is ideal as it keeps me up-to-date with what’s going on with the Distinguished Competition, without the need to spend. Eventually when I gravitate back towards DC and start giving them a chunk of my monthly wage, I’ll be able to drop back in seamlessly.

DC Nation is also great as most of the features help to put a face and personality to the creative teams – something I always like to see. Reading comic book stories is No.1 for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know why stories pan out the way they do or why writers and artists make specific choices.

One of my favourite aspects of picking up a comic book is getting to read some of the editorial content, such as the letter’s page, editor’s page etc – something that used to be a staple of all comics. Nowadays, editorial content is kept to a bare minimum because it’s all online, so for me this magazine brings all of this together in one place as a bit of an info burst.

I appreciate that in an age of websites, YouTube videos and podcasts, a magazine might seem a bit of an odd platform for DC to launch and for me to get excited about, but personally I think it’s great. I commute a lot during the week, so I don’t always have time to navigate around a whole website, YouTube is more of a weekend/late evening thing and while I enjoy listening to podcasts I really do enjoy reading magazines on my tablet when I’m out and about.

As a first issue, DC Nation gets the thumbs up from me and I look forward to issue #2. If Marvel could do a similar publication to DC Nation then I’d be more than happy.

Marvel, are you listening?