Over the weekend I had the pleasure of guesting on the latest episode of Strong Female Leads – the awesome geek-based podcast presented by Kate McCabe and Debra-Jane Appelby. If you’re not familiar with the show then you need to check it out, not only is Strong Female Leads currently into its third season, but it boasts a wealth of nerd content that you’re sure to love, from discussions on The Simpsons and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to rollercoasters, Wonder Woman and more!

This week’s episode of Strong Female LeadsX Gon Fridge It To Ya – is all about the X-Men. As I’m a fan of all things X, I was more than happy to chime in with my opinions and thoughts on the series, including the comics, the movies and even the TV shows.

In addition to the X-Men, this week’s episode also includes reviews for Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story! And the best part? You can download or stream the whole episode now.


Make your commute home/night in more enjoyable by kicking back with X Gon Fridge It To Ya which is available to listen to via Podbean or to download on iTunes.


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