Welcome to 90 from the ‘90s; the movie-related post in which I watch, discuss and debate a film from the 1990s – a film that I’ve NEVER SEEN. Posting on a semi-regular basis, I aim to work my way through 90 movies that I’ve previously missed/avoided, recording my thoughts along the way.

I’m going to watch good films, bad films, forgotten classics, Oscar winners and everything in between. Some of these films you’ll be surprised I’ve never seen, others you’ll completely understand why I’ve avoided them for 20+ years.

The rules are as follows:

  • The film must be from the 1990s (1990-1999)
  • The film must be a movie I’ve not watched before

Today’s unseen ‘90s movie is…


Natural Born Killers (1994)

I remember when Natural Born Killers was released and I remember there being a lot of controversy surrounding the movie, with a specific focus on the two main characters, Mickey and Mallory. Natural Born Killers was said to have inspired copycat killings and I believe the film’s cinematic release was delayed in the UK.

Yep, while I might not have watched Natural Born Killers, I am quite aware of the movie.

Why have I never seen it?

  • Reason one: I was around 12/13-years-old when this movie came out – so I was too young to watch it at the cinema.
  • Reason two: At the age of 12/13 I had no real interest in this movie – I was far more interested in comics and super heroes.
  • Reason three: When I was at university, I did rent the VHS tape from the uni library – yes you could rent VHS tapes from the library – but I just never got around to watching it. I probably went out and got drunk instead… for three nights in a row… because that’s what you do at university, right?

Time to give it a go.

*Clicks the play button*

4mins – Four minutes in and the violence begins. I’ll be honest, I expected the violence to kick in much sooner.

8mins 30secs – So, Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are crazy in love and crazy about killing. I suppose everyone has to have a hobby.

11mins – Rodney Dangerfield is Juliette Lewis’ dad and he’s a bit of a dick. Oh and the way this movie has been shot is already making me feel a little uncomfortable.

14mins 30secs – And now Juliette Lewis is… er… relieving Woody Harrelson while he’s in prison.

19mins 40secs – This movie is quite bizarre, using different styles and techniques to explore the backstory of the lead characters. That said, it’s kind of ingenious. The extreme violence is juxtaposed with a suburban, 1950s sitcom-style setting, to break down the barriers between what we deem acceptable to watch and what we don’t. Can you tell that I studied film & TV at university?

19mins 50secs – …and you thought I just got drunk all the time.

20mins – I mean, I did get drunk, but I also turned up to class, studied and engaged my brain. Then I drank a lot of shots and forgot almost everything I learnt. Drink responsibly, kids!

23mins – Tony Stark has just turned up. Sorry, I mean Robert Downey Jr.

23mins 20secs – RDJ appears to be doing some kind of accent, but I don’t know what it is. Is it Australian? Really? Struth!

46mins – There’s a whole snake/human analogy going on. I believe the crux is as follows: Some people are like snakes. Snakes are arseholes and shouldn’t be trusted. Either that or people are literally snakes.

46mins 10secs – Oh shit, are snake people real?


50mins – Aussie RDJ is back. I’m sorry, I love Robert Downey Jr but I just can’t take his accent seriously.

54mins 40secs – “Mickey’s quite virile.”

58mins – Tommy Lee Jones has just turned up, being all… well… Tommy Lee Jones. I’d be interested to see/hear Tommy Lee Jones doing an Australian accent. I can’t imagine it ever happening? Has Tommy Lee Jones ever played an Australian? Some one book him for a stint on Home and Away.

1hr 4mins – Speaking about Australians, Rawburt Dowknee Joonear has just popped up again.

1hr 10mins – I’m over halfway through Natural Born Killers and I can see why there was so much controversy surrounding the movie. There is a lot of violence, the lead characters are fast becoming media sensations… and Robert Downey Jr is still doing that accent.

1hr 29mins – There’s a prison breakout. There’s more violence.

1hr 30mins – Juliette Lewis is trying to convince us she’s a really nice person. I’d believe her, but she terrifies the life out of me.

1hr 37mins – For the prison breakout scenes, the camera style has taken on the appearance of a war torn news-style broadcast, with added animated scenes! It’s crazy (again), but the technical brilliance of this movie is off the scale.

1hr 37mins 30secs – Oh and Robert Downey Jr has started shooting people, demonstrating the mob mentality/influence of the violence. Much to think about in this movie.

1hr 43mins – Tommy Lee Jones has just gone crazy. This is the level of crazy he needed to play Two-Face in Batman Forever. I like Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, but he needed to ramp it up to this level.

1hr 50mins 30secs – Robert Downey Jr has just been bumped off. I think we should take a minute to mourn the passing of that Australian accent.

*Pauses the movie to pay respect to the accent*

*Un-pauses the movie*

1hr 52mins – Oh, that’s pretty much the end. I kind of feel like pausing the movie was a waste.

*Clicks stop*

Natural Born Killers is a very powerful, very thought-provoking movie. At times it’s uncomfortable to watch; at times it asks you to question what you expect from movies and the media; and at times it’s pure genius.

Would I watch it again?

Probably not.

Natural Born Killers is the kind of movie I would have watched at university. Of course, I didn’t – I got drunk instead – but it is the sort of movie I would have watched.

I tend not to re-watch these type of movies too often. Instead, I put them on, I recognise their importance, then I stick a movie like Batman & Robin on for the 658th time.

Hey, I’m an adult now and that means I get to spend most of my free time trying to escape the awfulness of reality. I need to watch things with pretty colours and Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners, not stuff that makes me address powerful issues!

Good film though.

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