Since setting up It’s A Stampede! in February it has been a very busy few months, with lots and lots of news hitting all the time. If you’re a follower of the blog – or a casual reader who dips in and out – I hope you’re enjoying all the stories, news, trailers and general pop culture shizzle that I’m sharing on a daily basis.

Although the blog has only been live for four months, I’ve so far served up almost 700 posts, which is a heck of a lot of content in such a short space of time. As such, I understand that finding the time to read everything I’ve published is nigh on impossible.

Don’t worry – I have a solution. Today I’m serving up a highlights package to give you a quick blast of all the important stuff so far. Let’s start with the most popular posts to have appeared on It’s A Stampede! (according to the analytics).

Top five posts on It’s A Stampede!

  • I’ve just had a major thought about Avengers 4 Following the release of Avengers: Infinity War I published a post offering up a theory about how the events of the movie could be resolved in Avengers 4. Of all the posts I’ve published on It’s A Stampede!, this is the one A HECK of a lot of people wanted to read. Apparently Infinity War was a popular movie…
  • Eurovision 2018: Live blog A week ago I published a live commentary of Eurovision 2018. During the course of the blog many people followed along. Thanks for joining me and sharing in the Eurovision love.
  • Lethal Weapon lead actor fired I had no idea there was so much interest in Lethal Weapon. I knew the show was popular, but I didn’t know it was that popular. So, when I shared news that Clayne Crawford had been fired from Lethal Weapon I was a little surprised at how many people would be following the story. For those that missed it: Clayne Crawford was fired and Seann William Scott was hired to replace him.
  • Has the Greatest Showman won you over yet? Every time I publish something about The Greatest Showman, people turn up to read the posts. In fact, should I ever decide to abandon It’s A Stampede! then a blog dedicated to The Greatest Showman is clearly the way forward. As for this post, it looked at the popularity of the movie, which some critics had completely written off.
  • 5 unanswered questions left over from the Avengers: Infinity War Another popular post and another discussion about Infinity War. The title says it all really, but for those still unclear, this post focused on the loose-ends left over from the latest Avengers movie.

So, those are the most popular posts to feature on It’s A Stampede!, now for some of the other highlights…

February 2018

With February being the first month of the blog, I decided to offer up a few back-to-basics guides focusing on conventions, comic book collecting and toy collecting. These guides were designed to put everyone on a level playing field and answer few burning questions that people might have – hopefully they did (and continue to do) the trick.

Meanwhile, in February Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle continued to tear up the box office; news broke that a Usagi Yojimbo TV series was in the works; and I discussed the fact that the original Space Jam website is STILL active. I swear it’s true.

February also brought a round-up for the New York Toy Fair 2018; a look at the best episodes of The Real Ghostbustersand news that the Rocketeer is being turned into a cartoon series. All this, plus the sad news that Toys R Us UK had gone into administration.

March 2018

In March, 20th Century Fox announced it was putting back the release dates for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants; Mark Hamill appeared in Star Wars: Forces of Destiny; and production officially got underway on Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, various celebrities bought out screenings for Love, Simon; The Toys That Made Us was given a second season; and I asked the question: Would you pay to see a movie shot on an iPhone?. I also kicked off The A-Z of Horror – a month-long series of posts looking at the horror genre.

April 2018

Oh April, you were a busy month. News stories focused on the latest entry in The Conjuring series; the box office success of Avengers: Infinity War; and the frustrating problem of the World Cup in relation to the UK release of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Star Trek 4 got a director; the release date for Are You Afraid of the Dark? was unveiled; a Chicken Run sequel was announced; Alien Day took place; the Venom trailer dropped; Dwayne Johnson responded to a fan request; Superman celebrated his 80th birthday… and so much more.

May 2018

And now onto this month – which again has been another busy one. Oh and with freebies!

Stephen King gave away a free short story; Free Comic Book Day took place; and Comixology offered up a free DC comic!

May has also been the month were we sadly said goodbye to Margot Kidder; where the UK’s entry at Eurovision was ruined; and where various TV shows were cancelled – including Lucifer, Designated Survivor and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was quickly revived.

And that’s just SOME of the highlights.

In addition to this I’ve talked a lot about Love, Simon – my movie of the year (so far) – as well as various other topics including Ready Player One and Rampage.

So, if you’ve not been keeping up to date with It’s A Stampede! then you have all this plus a lot more to go back and read. What are you waiting for?

Bookmark, follow, read and keep updated. 🙂