Jeez it’s becoming a confusing week.

For those who are trying to keep track of their favourite TV shows, here’s what you need to know:

  • The Exorcist, Designated Survivor and Lucifer have all been cancelled.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled, but has now been un-cancelled.
  • Last Man Standing, which was cancelled in 2017, is being revived.
  • Lethal Weapon‘s future is up in the air.
  • And both Charmed and Roswell – two ’90s genre shows – are making a comeback.

With me so far?

Right, so that just leaves one more bit of housekeeping to deal with, what is going on with Marvel’s The Inhumans?

Drum roll please….

It’s been cancelled.

In news that will surprise no one, ABC has officially cancelled The Inhumans. It’s gone. It’s over. Move along. There’s nothing more to see.

The ratings were less than impressive, the critical reception was even worse and the interest just wasn’t there. I’ll be honest, I’ve still not even watched an episode and I’m a big fan of Marvel.

So, there you go, The Inhumans is no more.