Good news for all you Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans out there – the show has been thrown a lifeline!

Yesterday, news broke that the show had been cancelled by Fox (along with a number of other shows) due to a loss in ratings. Fast forward 24 hours and the show has been revived.

According to USA Today, NBC has swooped in to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine, giving it another season – the show’s sixth overall. That season will comprise 13 episodes (not 22 like past seasons) and will air sometime in 2019.

In a statement announcing the show’s move to NBC, the network’s chairman, Robert Greenblatt, said: “Ever since we sold this show to Fox, I’ve regretted letting it get away, and it’s high time it came back to its rightful home.” He added that everyone at NBC was “thrilled” that the show was being added to NBC’s comedy line-up.

Upon hearing of the show’s revival, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg (aka @thelonelyisland) tweeted: “So happy to announce: NBC IS PICKING UP BROOKLYN 99 for SEASON 6!!!”

Andy Samberg

So, that’s a good start to your Saturday morning, right?

It would seem the outcry from fans really helped get this show a revival. But will the same thing happen for the likes of Lucifer or The Exorcist? We’ll have to wait and see.