Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled.

Fox confirmed the show’s cancellation last night. The news has come as somewhat of a surprise to fans, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Fox’s second longest-running live-action comedy behind New Girl.

To date, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has clocked up 110 episodes across its five season run. Episode 111, White Whale is set to air in the US this weekend, with episode 112 Jake & Amy airing on May 20th.

Why has Brooklyn Nine-Nine been cancelled?

According to Entertainment Weekly, while the series has grown in praise it hasn’t necessarily grown in ratings. In the US, the current season has averaged 2.7 million viewers (and a 1.2 rating amongst the key 18-to-49-year-old demographic), but this is down on last year.

Just taking a quick look through the ratings for each season and the ratings are lower for Season Five than they have been previously. That said, they seem fairly consistent with the ratings for the tail-end of Season Four.

Could Brooklyn Nine-Nine be saved from cancellation?

It’s possible. The fan reaction to the show’s cancellation has been very vocal, quickly becoming the No.1 trending topic on Twitter. According to Deadline, current rumblings suggest the show might get a last minute reprieve from Hulu or TBS – but nothing is certain.

If you’re a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan you might want to keep your fingers crossed.