A reminder for y’all – Next Saturday (May 5th) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

If you love comics, if you’ve never read a comic of if you have kids that really want to get into comics, then Free Comic Book Day is your friend. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

I’ve previously discussed Free Comic Book Day 2018 on It’s A Stampede!, but for those who might have missed it…

Free Comic Book Day 2018 takes place on Saturday May 5th at all participating comic stores and is backed by all the major publishers in the comic book industry. All you need do is pop to your nearest participating store on Saturday and you can take away a stash of comics for free!


In total, 50 different comic book titles will be available on the day, ranging from well-known books to niche comics. Some of these titles will even include all-new material, printed specifically for Free Comic Book Day 2018.

Here is a list of all the available books:

Gold titles:

  • Riverdale (Archie Comics)
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Special (BOOM! Studios)
  • Overwatch/Black Hammer (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Comics Friends Forever (First Second)
  • Transformers: Unicron: The Darkest Hour #0 (IDW Publishing)
  • Barrier #1 (Image Comics)
  • Disney Princess: Ariel Spotlight (Joe Books)
  • Invader Zim: Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy (Oni Press)
  • Doctor Who #0 (Titan Comics)
  • Pokémon: Sun and Moon/Pokémon: Horizon (Viz Media)
  • Avengers/Captain America (Marvel Comics)
  • DC Super Hero Girls #1 (DC Entertainment)

Silver titles:

  • Strangers in Paradise XXV #1 (Abstract Studios)
  • Lady Mechanika (Benitez Productions)
  • Bongo Comics Free-For-All (Bongo Comics)
  • Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Special (BOOM! Studios)
  • Die Kitty Die: I Love You To Death (Chapterhouse Publishing)
  • Invasion Prologue (Chapterhouse Publishing)
  • Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Action Lab Entertainment)
  • Relay #0 (AfterShock Comics)
  • Howard Lovecraft’s Big Book of Summer Fun! (Arcana Studios)
  • Worlds of Aspen Anniversary Edition (Aspen Comics)
  • The Legend of Korra/Nintendo’s Arms (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Silver #1 (Dark Planet Comics)
  • Bob’s Burgers #1 (D.E./Dynamite Entertainment)
  • James Bond: Vargar #1 (D.E./Dynamite Entertainment)
  • The Metabaron Book 3 (Humanoids)
  • Star Wars Adventures (IDW Publishing)
  • Street Angel’s Dog One-Shot (Image Comics)
  • Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network (Kodansha Comics)
  • The Wormworld Saga: The Journey Begins (Lion Forge)
  • Infinity Watch/Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Berlin #1 (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • World’s Greatest Cartoonists (Fantagraphics)
  • Sparks (Graphix)
  • The Tick (New England Comics)
  • Shadow Roads #1 (Oni Press)
  • The Only Living Boy (Papercutz)
  • 2000AD Regened (Rebellion)
  • Scout Comics Presents: The Mall (Scout Comics)
  • Starburns Presents #1 (Starburns Industries Press)
  • Ultra Street Fighter II #1 (Udon Entertainment)
  • Spongebob Freestyle Funnies (United Plankton Pictures)
  • Shadowman Special (Valiant Entertainment)
  • Maxwell’s Demons #1 (Vault Comics)
  • My Hero Avademia/RWBY (Viz Media)
  • A Brief History of Tank Girl (Titan Comics)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey (Tokopop)
  • Crush (Yen Press)
  • Malika: Creed & Fury (YouNeek Studios)

As you can see from the above lists, there are books for everyone including a Marvel Infinity Watch book; a Power Rangers comic which ties into the huge Shattered Grid crossover that’s taking place at the moment; and a good ol’ dose of 2000AD. Incidentally, last year’s 2000AD freebie was great and my favourite book of FCBD 2017.

If you are a parent then taking your kids to Free Comic Book Day is pretty much a no-brainer as they can choose a bunch of books that will (hopefully) encourage their reading. Taking them to the store to pick out the books also helps pass an hour or two, so it’s a winner all round!

Should you want further info about Free Comic Book Day, then check out my guide, Comics 101: A guide to Free Comic Book Day which has lots of useful tips.

Now, get the day marked in your diary!