Today is Alien Day.

Are you celebrating?

More importantly, how are you celebrating?

Aliens Genocide

Personally, I plan on re-watching Aliens (1986) before the end of the day and maybe I’ll cram in a re-read of classic comic, Aliens: Genocide. Basically, Aliens will be shaping most of my day.

But what are you up to?

Well, if you’re after ideas, then you might like to know that has recently unveiled a range of new apparel to commemorate the release of Dark Horse’s Aliens: Dust to Dust – so shopping could be the order of the day. In addition, the store is now selling a wide selection of never-before-available Alien merchandise.

If gaming is your thing (and you live in the US), then Pure Imagination Studios and FoxNext Destinations have opened Alien: Descent – a cutting-edge free-roaming virtual reality experience. Alien: Descent opens today at The Outlets at Orange in Orange County.

Want more gaming? Then how about the Alien: Offworld Colony Simulator? Launching today, the interactive survival game is available exclusively through Amazon Alexa devices and Alien Universe.

As previously discussed on It’s A Stampede!, this week Comixology has a pretty big Aliens sale, covering digital comics and graphic novels. If reading is your thing then check it out as you can pick up lots of books from between 69p and £1.99.

But if none of that is for you, then why not do the simplest thing and just watch one of the Alien movies? Or even have yourself an Alien movie marathon (with lots of popcorn)! Just steer clear of the AVP movies.

What is Alien Day?

Alien Day is an annual event taking place on April 26th. Designed to highlight and promote the Alien film series from 20th Century Fox, the date (4/26) was chosen in reference to LV-426 – the home to a colony of Xenomorphs.

2018 marks the third annual Alien Day.