This weekend, big monster movie Rampage has arrived in cinemas. Based on the computer game of the same name, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson and features three very big monsters!

And yeah, that’s great and all, but where the heck is the Dinosaurs Attack! movie?


Whilst watching Rampage my main thought throughout the movie was: ‘Why the heck has no one made a movie based on Topps’ classic trading card set Dinosaurs Attack!?’ If there ever was a trading card set designed to be made into a movie – that isn’t Mars Attacks – then Dinosaurs Attack! is that movie.

Not quite sure what I’m on about? OK, let me explain.

In 1988, Topps released a trading card set which told the story of dinosaurs getting transported through time to the present day…. where they immediately caused havoc. Sounds a little like Rampage meets Jurassic Park, doesn’t it? Well, yes – it does. However, what sets Dinosaurs Attack! apart from those two movies, is the sheer carnage caused by the dinosaurs. And I mean, full on blood-thirsty, gross-out carnage that wipes out anything seen in a monster movie – EVER!

Dinosaurs Attack 2

Comprising 55 base cards and 11 stickers, Dinosaurs Attack! cards were sold in wax packs (along with a stick of gum) and featured some of the best original artwork produced for a trading card set. What’s more, the entire run from card 1 through to card 55 told a complete story filled with tragedy and triumph.

The cards may not have been as popular or as well remembered as Mars Attacks, but they were equally as cool – if you like scary-ass horror cards that is. As you can see from the imagery above, these cards were pretty brutal.

Dinosaurs Attack 3

While the front of each card provided terrifying scenes, the back offered up the story, giving a blow-by-blow account of the horror as it unfolded. Back then, these cards were just cards, but take a look now and these really could be the blueprints (or storyboards) for an entire movie.

With the exception of some mild rumblings that Tim Burton was once considering Dinosaurs Attack! as a viable movie project over Mars Attacks, there’s never really been any discussions of a Dinosaurs Attack! movie. To me, this seems odd – especially as this is a ready-made project for the right director.

So, once again, where’s the Dinosaurs Attack! movie? After Rampage, THIS is the movie I want to see!