Dear diary,

I’ve had a drink. No need to judge – it’s Friday night.

Earlier this evening I went to the local cinema to watch Rampage – the monster movie based on the classic computer game. Well, I say ‘classic’, I’m not sure it’s up there with Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros., but I guess it’s old enough to be classed as a classic, right?

Hmm… I wonder – am I old enough to be classed as a classic? Am I old?

Oh jeez, I’m old.

I think I should put the wine glass down.

Now where was I? Ah yes, Rampage.

Overall, I liked Rampage. Sure, it’s a full-on popcorn movie, with paper-thin characters and an even thinner plot, but it’s a lot of fun. Plus, monsters!

My only real gripe with the movie – apart from the TERRIBLE acting from the chief villains – was the handling of the female lead, as played by Naomie Harris. Ugh… this was a huge problem for me.

While Dwayne Johnson is clearly the draw for a movie like this, despite what the marketing for the movie would have you believe, he is a co-lead in this picture – not the only lead. Naomie Harris’ character – genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell – is his sparring partner in Rampage and… well… she’s given the short end of the stick.

Yes, Caldwell does get to do a bit of science-y stuff, but there are far too many times where she relies on Johnson’s character – Davis Okoye – to kick down doors, shoot guns and generally save the day… and such. In an age where Wonder Woman, Rey, Jyn, Lara Croft, Shuri and Okoye are leading the way forward on the big screen, Dr. Kate Caldwell just seems like a relic from the past.

The 1950s monster movie-style aesthetic I’m fine with. The 1950s style representation of male/female characters, not so much. Come on!

So yes to Rampage, but no to certain elements.

Now, where did I put that glass of wine?