If you’re a regular customer of Comixology then you may have noticed something different today – all of Marvel’s new release graphic novels are currently full price. It would appear as though Comixology has stopped its 69p/99c reductions on new release Marvel graphic novels.

And yes, this has only just happened.

If you visited Comixology yesterday afternoon, you would have been able to pick up digital editions of various new release Marvel graphic novels, including Cable Vol.2: The Newer Mutants, for just 69p (or 99c in the US). If you visit Comixology today, the same book will now cost you £5.99.

I’ve highlighted this offer in previous posts, noting just how much of a saving customers could make but just to be clear, here’s the difference in price between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.

Yesterday: The combined total of this week’s Marvel new release graphic novels was £4.83.

Today: The combined total of this week’s Marvel new releases graphic novels is now £57.93.

As you can see, yesterday you could have made a whopping saving.

If you got in quickly then well done you. If you missed out, commiserations.

So, what’s happened?

Well, for the past few weeks Comixology has been running a very, very good deal whereby all new release Marvel graphic novels were reduced – regardless of how much they sell for in retail stores. Of course, this has irked retailers who simply couldn’t compete with those kinds of savings.

There’s recently been a bit of a rumble across the internet suggesting that retail stores have asked Marvel to step in to balance the scales a little. It looks like Marvel have done just that.

It’s unclear if this will be a permanent thing, or whether Comixology will resume their offer, but for now its best to presume that the deal is over.