A few years ago, my friends and I took part in a weekly themed activity night. Each week for three years, we’d set out one night a week where we’d all get together for a few hours of fun, with the night dedicated to a specific theme.

Over the past day I’ve highlighted some of my favourite Theme Nights. This is the 5th and final post in the series.

Today’s Theme Night is…

Let’s Play A Game (which originally took place on 21st October 2015)

Let's Play A Game Night 1

Over the course of the three years of Theme Nights we created a number of horror themed evenings – more often than not these Horror Nights were connected to Halloween. However, one of these nights was Let’s Play A Game – a Theme Night inspired by the Saw movie series.

The object of the game was to solve a puzzle that would lead to the location of Billy – the creepy doll from the Saw movies. Similar to the Batman Theme Night that I discussed in an earlier post, Let’s Play A Game revolved around a series of mini-challenges and a treasure hunt.

Let's Play A Game Night 5

The game: The game was presented in the form of a video, featuring some (crudely recreated) horror icons. Each horror icon would set a mini-challenge, consisting of a either a puzzle, a word search or something in between.

The mini-challenges: As you can from the image to your left, one of the mini-challenges was based around the works of Stephen King. The challenge was to pick out the books that were written by King from the blood-stained list presented. Simple stuff if you’re well versed in King knowledge.

Another challenge (not pictured) required players to piece together a horror story that had been chopped up into small parts. The players had to work out the order of the story and read it back to the host (me) within a set timeframe.

Let's Play A Game Night 2

Each round saw players build up points. These points were then converted into time – something required for the final round.

The final round: For the final round, the players were set loose (around my apartment building) on a sort-of puzzle hunt. The aim was to find puzzle pieces that when put together would reveal the location of ‘Billy’.

The winner was the player who returned before the time ran out and who could put together enough puzzle pieces to discover Billy’s location.

Having knowledge of horror helped in the mini-challenges, but it wasn’t essential as most of the games were designed for anyone to play. The final round – the puzzle hunt – was simply a case of hunting high and low for puzzle pieces, so once again, anyone could take part.

As a big fan of the horror genre, I loved putting this Theme Night together. It took a fair bit of prep work ahead of the night, but it made for a memorable evening and one of my favourite Theme Nights of our entire run!

And that’s your lot. That’s the end of my Theme Night highlights posts.

I hope that all of the Theme Night posts have given you some inspiration for your own themed-activities or parties. As mentioned (on more than one occasion), Theme Nights were such fun and putting together a new theme each week was all part of the experience – even if it was challenging at times.


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