If you were to cast Star Wars actor, John Boyega in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who would he play? This is a question that movie execs are currently mulling over as it has come to light that Boyega has met with Marvel Studios about a potential role.

Boyega revealed the news this weekend at the Awesome Con in Washington D.C., while fielding questions from fans at the event. According to Bounding Into Comics, Boyega said he had met with Marvel, but insisted a role (if it happens) would be a long way off yet.

So, let’s just presume the meeting went well and Boyega is being eyed up for a role – who do you think he could play?

Well, if you’re thinking that Boyega would make a great Blade then think again – the actor has ruled out that particular role. The character – which is currently sat in the Marvel vaults waiting for the reboot treatment – was originally played by Wesley Snipes for three movies between 1998 and 2004.

When asked whether he’d be interested in playing Blade in a forthcoming movie, Boyega said it would be a “spit in the face of Wesley [Snipes] if I took Blade.” He added that he was “all for Wesley [Snipes] playing Blade.”

Hmm… so if not Blade, then who? Who do you think Boyega is best suited to play? Sound off in the comments section.