Dear diary,

I see such division amongst the human race and I wonder where will it all end?

Last night, The CW awarded long-running TV show, Supernatural another season, taking the spook-filled series to a 14th year. I can’t say I watch the show anymore, I stopped around Season 4, but Supernatural clearly has a very loyal following otherwise it would not be around anymore.

Yet today, as I scroll through Facebook, I see anger, negativity and… well… some pretty shitty comments, coming from people who simply don’t like the show and aren’t happy that it’s back for another year. Rather bizarrely, these people are commenting on the official Facebook page – a page setup for fans of the show – to moan about the show’s longevity.

How odd.

At this point, I ask myself why? Why does someone who doesn’t really care for Supernatural take the time to comment something negative on a Facebook page set up for fans of the show?

Does it really matter if Supernatural is awarded a 14th season, a 24th season or an 84th season? If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, then watch something else and move on.

I personally don’t care for shows such as Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or anything featuring the Kardashians, so I simply don’t watch any of those programmes. Instead, I fill my time with one of the many, many shows I’ve got on my Netflix playlist that I do like (Orange is the New Black, Rick and Morty, The Real Ghostbusters, Jessica Jones etc). I feel other people would be better off if they followed suit.

Can I still criticise the aforementioned shows? Yes, of course. If I sit down to watch them each week, or I binge them all in one go, then you bet I can criticise them – and I will! But to go out of my way to criticise a show that I no longer watch just seems… well… kind of pointless.

When will the madness end? When will we all just learn to live together in harmony?


Oh… and Alex, you need to pick up bread on your way home.