Directed by John Krasinski and starring Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place is a brand new horror movie, about mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. The film hits cinema screens later this week and the initial buzz surrounding the movie is very positive.

Keen to keep you in the loop about A Quiet Place, tonight’s edition of The Great Stampede offers up a review round-up focusing on what the critics are saying. Below are six review snippets, all offering an insight into the forthcoming movie, which should give you an indication of why this is a movie to watch.

Here’s what the critics said:

  • Scott Mendelson of Forbes was a big fan of A Quiet Place, noting that it “will scare the hell out of you.” He said: “A Quiet Place is grim as hell and its PG-13 rating is a sick joke, but for those who can take it I’d recommend seeing it on the biggest screen in the most packed-possible auditorium.”
  • Rosie Fletcher of Digital Spy was also a fan of A Quiet Place, awarding the movie four stars (out of five) and calling it “easily the scariest movie of the year so far.” She said: “As emotionally draining as it is nerve-janglingly terrifying, A Quiet Place puts you through the wringer and spits you out spent.”
  • Matt Glasby of GamesRadar also awarded A Quiet Place four stars (out of five), commenting: “Krasinski’s thrillingly realised horror shows the world ending with a bang and a whimper. Tell your friends.”
  • Jocelyn Noveck of ABC News, said: “‘A Quiet Place’ may not have the weighty social meaning or piercing comedy of another recent high-profile horror thriller, ‘Get Out.’ But like that movie it is smart, it moves fast, it has a hugely satisfying ending — and it deserves to attract a much broader audience than the usual horror film devotees.”
  • Tony Wilson of GameSpot, said: “While it certainly doesn’t shy away from trying to make you jump, it’s the sonic nature of the scares and unending threat of everyday actions that make this film stand tall.”
  • And finally, Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly, awarded A Quiet Place a B+ and said: “When A Quiet Place has one finger on the panic button and the other on mute, it’s a nervy, terrifying thrill.”

So, there you have it, the overall feeling from the critics is that A Quiet Place is a standout horror movie. Will you give it a whirl?