Welcome to 90 from the ‘90s; the movie-related post in which I watch, discuss and debate a film from the 1990s – a film that I’ve NEVER SEEN. Posting on a semi-regular basis, I aim to work my way through 90 movies that I’ve previously missed/avoided, recording my thoughts along the way.

I’m going to watch good films, bad films, forgotten classics, Oscar winners and everything in between. Some of these films you’ll be surprised I’ve never seen, others you’ll completely understand why I’ve avoided them for 20+ years.

The rules are as follows:

  • The film must be from the 1990s (1990-1999)
  • The film must be a movie I’ve not watched before

Today’s unseen ‘90s movie is…


Postcards from the Edge (1990)

And so I come to this, Postcards from the Edge – a movie that I’ve wanted to watch for a while, but have just never got round to it. No real reason for not seeing it; no excuse; it just hasn’t happened… until now.

So, what do I know about Postcards from the Edge? Pretty much nothing!

I know that the movie stars Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine and Dennis Quaid. I also know that Carrie Fisher wrote the screenplay, which in turn is based on her semi-autobiographical book of the same name. And that’s the reason I want to watch this movie, as I want to know more about the relationship Carrie Fisher had with her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

Here goes.

*Clicks the play button*

2mins – Meryl Streep has just been slapped! I’m two-minutes into the movie and Meryl Streep has just been slapped. Someone give her an Oscar! And stop slapping her.

4mins – Right, so Streep is an actress and she’s on drugs. I should clarify that Streep is playing an actress who is on drugs. I wasn’t making a comment about Meryl Streep’s private life. We’ve never met – I really can’t speak about what she does or doesn’t do.

8mins – Ted Raimi! Ted Raimi just popped up in the world’s smallest cameo. He’s playing a doctor. I say “playing a doctor” – he had a split second appearance in which he uttered the word “yes”. I’m not sure he’s a doctor worthy of a PhD, but he’d probably be able to check your blood pressure. If the other doctors were busy. And you really needed your blood pressure checked. And the world was ending.


10mins – CCH Pounder! Jeez, this film has Ted Raimi and CCH Pounder. I don’t need to know anything else about this movie – I’m sold!

17mins – So, Streep is playing a character loosely based on Carrie Fisher and Shirley MacLaine is playing a character based on Debbie Reynolds. I think this film is going to get emotional. Probably more so, now that the two actresses are no longer with us.

17mins 20secs – “Ever since you were a little girl, I had this feeling… I don’t know, that I’d lose you; that you’d be taken from me early.” Jeez, this line packs a real punch. It’s heartbreaking. Knowing what we know now, about the way in which the two actresses died, this line feels like it’s foreshadowing.

20mins – Normally I have my tongue firmly in cheek when I discuss the movies in my ’90 from the ’90s’ series, but I feel like I’m going to be too caught up in the drama to make daft, insensitive comments…

25mins – Streep is being told she needs to give a urine sample. Seems to me, that someone is taking the piss.

25mins 10secs – Maybe I’m not too caught up in the drama after all.

26mins 20secs – And now, Simon Callow just popped up! Ted Raimi, CCH Pounder and Simon Callow! There’s practically a cameo or in-joke every few seconds. This is basically the Ready Player One of the ’90s.

29mins – Mary Wickes has just appeared. Is it wrong that I really want her to be dressed as a nun, singing Motown songs?

43mins – This is an interesting movie, which perhaps works better if a.) You know a little about the Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds and b.) You know a little bit about the way the movie business operates.

48mins 45secs – Dennis Quaid is on screen again (he popped up earlier, but I couldn’t be bothered to mention it) and he’s currently trying it on with Meryl Streep. He’s getting a bit full-on. Hey, Dennis you’re ‘in-her-space’. *cough* YOU’RE IN-HER-SPACE! *cough* In-her-space? INNER SPACE? Oh, forget it.

57mins – Streep and MacLaine are brilliant in this film. Give them both Oscars. Give everyone an Oscar. Do you want an Oscar? Me too.

58mins – On a side note, I’ve had a glass of wine. This has nothing to do with the movie, but I thought it worth mentioning just in case my comments start to become jumbled.

58mins 10secs – JHKNeebhbjclnk;ugsbjljm… and then she… slslsnhre

58mins 20secs – Just joking. 😉 Well, not about the wine. I’ve totally had a glass. But my comments will remain on point.

1hr 4mins – Partial nudity alert. Dennis Quaid is showing leg. I repeat: Dennis Quaid is showing leg.

1hr 7mins – Meryl Streep and Dennis Quaid are breaking up. It’s possibly because he showed a bit of leg. It’s also possible that it’s because he only showed a bit of leg.


1hr 10mins – Meryl Streep has been wearing a police officer uniform for so much of this movie (because of a part she’s playing) that I’ve started to think she’s actually a police officer. And yes, I have had another glass of wine. What? Don’t make this about my drinking. I just want to know if she’s a deputised officer or not?!

1hr 13mins – Streep to MacLaine: “I think you’re an alcoholic.” Er… is she talking to me?

1hr 14mins – Maclaine to Streep: “My drinking does not interfere with my work.” I couldn’t have put it better myself, sister! You tell her! Now, where’s that bottle?

1hr 25mins – Mary Wickes is back! But she’s still not dressed as a nun. Damn.

1hr 29mins – Streep and MacLaine are in hospital. It’s a touching moment. I think I’m getting emotional. It could be the wine.

1hr 30mins – Nah, it’s not the wine – this is emotional stuff. The end of the movie is near.

1hr 37mins – Ah, a bit of Country & Western music to play out. How lovely. I’m going to celebrate with another glass *cough* bottle *cough* of wine.

*Clicks stop*

Well, that was good. An interesting insight into a mother/daughter relationship, framed by showbiz. Streep and MacLaine were on top form (not that I expected anything less) and it didn’t drag or outstay its welcome. Good stuff.

12 down; 78 to go.

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