Over the past 26 days, It’s A Stampede! has served up The A-Z of Horror – an alphabetical window into the horror genre. Each day the blog has looked at horror in all its facets and forms, offering up suggestions of what to watch, should you be in the mood for a real good scare.

And if you’ve missed any of the 26 posts, here’s a portal to all of the content in one handy dandy place. Just click away to get to your desired destination.

A is for Anthology – Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone

B is for Buffy

C is for Creepy Kids – Goodnight Mommy, The Good Son and Village of the Damned

D is for Documentary – A History of Horror, Best Worst Movie and Never Sleep Again

E is for Ectoplasm – The best of The Real Ghostbusters

F is for Frightening Features – Threads

G is for Ghostwatch

H is for Halloween Specials – Roseanne, Home Improvements and The Simpsons

I is for iZombie

J is for John Carpenter – They Live

K is for Kids’ Stuff – The Hole, Goosebumps and Casper

L is for Laughter – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, The Babysitter and Zombeavers

M is for Modern Classic

N is for Nightmares on Elm Street

O is for Obsession – One Hour Photo, Misery and Fatal Attraction

P is for Psycho

Q is for Queasy – Slugs, Society and Hostel

R is for Remakes – The Blob, The Thing and The Fly

S is for Satanists

T is for Thriller

U is for Universal

V is for Vampires – Near Dark, Fright Night and The Lost Boys

W is for Witches – Hocus Pocus

X is for X-Files

Y is for YouTube Horror

Z is for Zombies – Train to Busan