Dear diary,

Today I learned that the UK release date of Solo: A Star Wars Story is being brought forward by one day, which means it will now open on May 24th (not May 25th). So, if you’re planning on attending a midnight screening, make sure you get the correct day!

Speaking about Star Wars, I have also learned that people still can’t quite find common ground regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Those that love it, LOVE IT; while those that hate it, DESPISE IT WITH A PASSION.

Screen Junkies pretty much cover this in the latest Honest Trailer…

And speaking of indecisiveness when it comes to movies, yesterday 20th Century Fox announced that X-Men: Dark Phoenix AND New Mutants are being pushed back to February 2019 and August 2019, respectively. In the case of New Mutants, this is the second time the movie has been pushed back.

This is getting a little confusing.

Rumblings on the internet suggest that the push backs are to allow for some changes – and are not because the studio purposefully wants our heads to explode with anticipation.

According to Collider, X-Men: Dark Phoenix needs a few tweaks, which requires members of the cast to take part in additional shooting.  As the ensemble cast are all busy, this is purely a scheduling issue – nothing more.

With regards to New Mutants, the suggestion is that at least half of the movie is being re-shot to make it scarier. This is of course in addition to recent re-shoots which were undertaken to include a new character and to… er… make it scarier.

Seriously, how scary does this movie need to be?

I mean, I like scary movies – I love them in fact – but if the studio wanted a really scary movie, then shouldn’t this have been decided a long time ago?

I can’t help but feel that when I come to watch New Mutants (whenever that may be), I’m going to be comparing it to other scary movies – ranking it accordingly. Let’s just hope it lives up to all the delays.

Other than that, today started off cold, but now it’s sunny; and there’s lasagne for tea. What a time to be alive.