Comixology is at it again.

Should you want to purchase a digital edition of New Mutants: Demon Bear – the storyline that has influenced the forthcoming New Mutants movie – you can currently pick one up for just 69p from Comixology. The book is part of Comixology’s ‘New Marvel Collections for ¢99 promotion’.

A physical edition of the book has a recommended retail price of £17.99. Comixology’s usual price (when not part of an offer) is £7.49. But yeah, should you want it for 69p (¢99) then you’ve got a few days to pick it up before it reverts to its original price.

Other books in this week’s ¢99 promotion include Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe; X-Men: Gold Vol 0: Homecoming; X-Men: Gold Vol 4: The Negative Zone; Captain Marvel – The Ms. Marvel Years; and Wolverine: Blood Debt.

Incidentally, the Wolverine book is 469 pages…. again for just 69p! Now, I’m no maths expert but that is crazy good value.

When will this amazing madness end?!?