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Today: X is for X-Files

Throughout its 218-episode run (1993 – 2018), The X-Files has produced a wealth of great stories, which usually slot into two genre categories: Sci-fi or horror. Of the show’s horror episodes, The X-Files has created some truly scary moments, guaranteed to leave audiences cowering in the corner.

Below are the ten creepiest episodes of The X-Files, which are worth a watch (or a re-watch). Each entry includes a brief description of the story, as well as mention of which season the episode belongs to.

  • ‘Squeeze’ (1993) – Agents Mulder & Scully investigate a series of bizarre murders in which victims are killed in locked rooms. Season One.
  • ‘Ice’ (1993) – Mulder & Scully find themselves trapped in an Alaskan research centre, where a parasitic worm provides a connection between increased paranoia and a series of unexplained deaths. Season One.
  • ‘Eve’ (1994) – The FBI agents investigate two identical murders, which take place in different areas of the country at the same time. Season One.
  • ‘Darkness Falls’ (1994) – When a team of loggers disappear without a trace, Mulder & Scully are brought in to discover what sinister secret is taking place in the woods. Season One.
  • ‘Tooms’ (1994) – Mulder & Scully take another look into the case that originated in ‘Squeeze’ (see above). Season One.
  • ‘Host’ (1994) – A bizarre creature is on the loose within the sewer system of New Jersey. Could it be connected to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster? Season Two.
  • ‘Die Hand Die Verletzt’ (1995) – Mulder & Scully head to New Hampshire to investigate the death of teenager who appears to have died as part of an occult ritual. Season Two.
  • ‘Home’ (1996) – The most shocking episode of them all. Mulder & Scully investigate the death of a small child, which may be connected to the Peacocks – a reclusive family who keep themselves to themselves… if you get my meaning? Season Four.
  • ‘Sanguinarium’ (1996) – The FBI agents investigate a spate of murders which are taking place in the plastic surgery department of a hospital. An episode not for the squeamish. Season Four.
  • ‘Chinga’ (1998) – Co-written by horror author, Stephen King, this episode sees Scully caught up in situation with a seemingly possessed doll. Season Five.

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And, should you want more horror-tinged sci-fi, how about taking a look at some straight out alien-themed horror movies, such as Aliens (1986), Critters (1986) or Mars Attacks (1996).

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