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Today: R is for Remakes

Remakes of horror films are always terrible, right?


While there are a number of poor horror remakes – Psycho (1998) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) spring to mind – there are actually quite a few that are worthy of your time. In fact, in some cases, there are remakes that not only prove to be very effective, they are also far better than the movies that inspired them!

Step forward: The Blob (1988), The Thing (1982) and The Fly (1986).

The Blob (1988) – While the original, 1958 version of The Blob starred Steve McQueen and was a silly, slightly creepy B-movie, this late ‘80s take is a gross and incredibly inventive affair. Forget what you know about remakes and/or The Blob and dive right in. Chuck ‘The Mask’ Russell directs, while Frank Darabont is one of the movie’s co-writers. Superb!

The Thing (1982) – Directed by John Carpenter, The Thing is a loose remake of the 1951 movie, The Thing from Another World. This film is a dark, claustrophobic affair which is now considered one of Carpenter’s best-loved movies – and rightly so.

The Fly (1986) – David Cronenberg directs, Jeff Goldblum stars and audiences are grossed out in this very effective remake of the 1958 original. While the ‘50s version of The Fly was shocking for its time, this ‘80s version ramps things up a gear (and then some), presenting a body horror nightmare!

So, next time someone tells you remakes are always terrible, point out the three movies above and tell them to give these films a go. And if that doesn’t convince them, push them in the direction of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978).

Not every remake is a bad remake.

Tomorrow: S is for…