Welcome to The A-Z of Horror – an alphabetical window into the horror genre. Over the course of 26 days, I’ll be taking a look at horror in all its facets and forms, offering up suggestions of what to watch, should you be in the mood for a real good scare.

Today: Q is for Queasy

Sometimes horror is disgusting. Seriously, disgusting.

I don’t mean stalk-and-slash style disgusting, where blood splatters across the screen and each scene becomes a blood bath; I mean downright gross. The only feeling you can possibly be left with is a queasy one.

Today on The A-Z of Horror, I’m throwing up… I mean, throwing out, three of the queasiest horror movies imaginable. Each of the films below is guaranteed to make you feel repulsed at the very sight of what’s on offer.

And if you decide to watch any of these three movies today/tonight, approach with caution – they’re not for the faint hearted.

Slugs (1988) – Based on a 1982 novel of the same name by Shaun Hutson, Slugs is a vile little movie – with a cult following – about a group of slugs that terrorise and kill. Sounds a bit daft, right? It sure does and you’ll be laughing at the absurdity of it all, right up until the moment you see how the slugs attack… and then you will want to wish you had never laid eyes on this movie. You’ll also want to give slugs a wide birth for the foreseeable future.

Society (1989) – Directed by Brian Yuzna, Society is a body horror movie about a well-to-do society and its very disturbing secret. The final act of Society is shocking and disgusting in equal measures and has to be seen to be believed. Although, with Slugs (see above), once you’ve seen Society you’ll kind of wish you hadn’t’.

Hostel (2005) – Writer/director, Eli Roth is known for his stomach churning antics (see: Cabin Fever (2002), Green Inferno (2013) etc) and once again he’s on fine form here with a movie about college students who come a cropper while backpacking across Europe. There’s a scene, towards the end of the movie involving a victim and an eyeball. This scene alone is arguably the dictionary definition of queasy.

*Pauses to clutch stomach and mouth simultaneously*

Right… if you can survive the above movies, then I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more from The A-Z of Horror.

Tomorrow: R is for…