Yesterday, I discussed how I have learned to love digital comics and this is in large part because of the pretty awesome sales that Comixology is serving up right now – sales that include a bunch of Marvel graphic novels for just 69p. Well, the Comixology sale just got even more insane.

Today is new comic book day, so I went online to purchase this week’s titles. While I was on the Comixology site (NOT THE APP), I noticed that four more Marvel books had been added to the retailer’s current sale.

The new additons are as follows:

  • All New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Infinity Quest (RRP $15.99)
  • Avengers: The Collection Obsession (RRP $39.99)
  • Cloak and Dagger: Runaways and Reversals (RRP $34.99)
  • Master of Kung Fu Epic Collection: Weapon of the Soul (RRP $39.99)

All of these aforementioned titles are not only new to the sale, they are also new to comic book stores. Yep, these four books just arrived in comic shops as part of this week’s new releases!

Buy them in stores and you will pay the cost of a new release trade paperback. Buy them on the Comixology App and they will cost you between £5.99 and £13.99, depending on which book you want. Buy them on the Comixology website and you will pay just 69p each.

Insane, but true.

Naturally, I just purchased the 494-page Avengers: The Collection Obsession for 69p.