Ever wanted to know a little bit more about the Batman Movie Anthology (1989 – 1997)? Then you came to the right place!

Over the next four days It’s A Stampede! will feature a different Bat-related post, providing you with ten factoids about an entry from the series. Today it’s the turn of Batman & Robin (1997)!

  • Did you know… George Clooney filmed Batman & Robin whilst shooting episodes of ER? During the movie’s production, Clooney worked round the clock to complete both shooting schedules.
  • Did you know… Michael Paul Chan and Kimberly Scott appeared in both Batman & Robin and Batman Forever, playing different roles? In Batman & Robin the actors appear as Gotham Observatory scientists, while in Batman Forever (1995), they play Wayne Industries employees.
  • Did you know… In a scene set in Arkham Asylum, costumes belonging to both the Riddler and Two-Face can be seen in the property department? This is not the only reference to the wider world of DC Comics; Superman also receives a namecheck during the opening sequence of the movie.
  • Did you know… The set used for the Gotham Museum of Natural History, took five months to build and included a 20 ft high brachiosaurus? The floor of the museum originally included a 50-by-50-foot ice cover for Mr. Freeze’s henchmen to skate on, but this was replaced by a faux ice floor when it became apparent the ice didn’t look quite right on camera. Due to the change in flooring, the actors playing Mr. Freeze’s henchmen move around on rollerblades, not ice skates as depicted in the movie.
  • Did you know… Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to shave his head for the role of Mr. Freeze? He wore a bald cap throughout the movie, which added extra time to an already exhaustive make-up process to transform him into the cold-hearted villain.
  • Did you know… Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris O’Donnell did not work together at any point on Batman & Robin? Although Mr. Freeze appeared in scenes with Robin, it wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger in the costume. Speaking in the documentary series, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight, Chris O’Donnell, said: “I’m in a lot of scenes with Mr. Freeze – I never worked a single day with Arnold, not a single day. I was on the set with him a lot, you know I’d hang out and talk to him, I did a lot of publicity with him, but literally they had a double for him that was so good and that suit was so complicated to get on, unless Arnold was talking in that scene he wasn’t in that costume.”
  • Did you know… 15 Mr. Freeze suits were produced for Batman & Robin? Each suit contained 2500 LEDs.
  • Did you know… Every time Poison Ivy appears on screen, she has a different look? In the book, The Making of Batman & Robin, costume designer, Ve Neill, said: “Ivy’s initial appearance is very much like an earth mother, sexy and beautiful with long, luxurious hair and not a lot of make-up to enhance Uma’s already gorgeous features. Then, slowly, Ivy becomes increasingly more outrageous in both her behaviour and physicality.”
  • Did you know… The condition – MacGregor Syndrome – which afflicts both Nora Fries and Alfred during the course of Batman & Robin was completely made up? The condition is named after producer Peter Macgregor-Scott.
  • Did you know… A fifth Batman movie was in the pipeline? The critical response to Batman & Robin, plus creative burnout from director Joel Schumacher, cancelled plans for a follow-up. Speaking on the special edition release of Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher said: “The studio wanted me to do a fifth Batman, which would have been my third, which would have featured the Scarecrow, and I just couldn’t do it. I just… it wasn’t really in me anymore.”