As the ‘Beast from the East’ continues to batter the UK with an endless stream of snow, for many, today is officially a snow day! And if you’re currently at home wrapped up warm – with no intentions of stepping outside until at least tomorrow – you’re probably looking for something to keep you occupied.

A film is the obvious choice for passing the time, but what to watch? Something new, such as Thor: Ragnarok (2017) or The Cloverfield Paradox (2017)? Or an old favourite, such as The Empire Strikes Back (1980) or Aliens (1986)?

Below I’m offering up a few suggestions of movies you could watch today (and where to watch them), but then it’s over to you for your go-to movie recommendations. Here are five suggestions:

  • Hidden Figures (2017) – A real-life, inspiring tale about a group of African-American woman working behind the scenes at NASA. Hidden Figures is currently available to watch on SKY.
  • Spotlight (2015) – Another real-life tale, this time focusing on a Boston Globe investigation into alleged abuse within the Catholic church. Spotlight is currently available to watch on Netflix and Amazon Video.
  • Jumanji (1995) – Surely THE go-to movie for any snow day? Jumanji is the ’90s adventure classic starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst. Jumanji is currently available to stream via Netflix.
  • Happy Death Day (2017) – One for the horror buffs now, Happy Death Day is a fun reworking of Groundhog Day (1993), only with a killer twist. Happy Death Day is available to rent and/or buy on iTunes.
  • Jurassic Park (1993) – And finally, is their ever not a good reason to watch and re-watch Jurassic Park? Of course not! Jurassic Park and the entire Jurassic Park collection is available to rent and/or buy on iTunes.

So, there are just five suggestions for you, should you find yourself stuck indoors today. But what other movies are worthy of your time today? Offer up your suggestions and share the titles of films you are planning on watching today.